Our Coffee

Roasting our own coffee for 15 years!

At Hailey Coffee Company, we use a Sivetz Fresh-Air Roaster. We roast approximately 2 tons of beans per month. We believe it is the most advanced technology available in roasting today. We have chosen this type of roaster because it uses hot air, as opposed to a hot surface used in more conventional cylinder roasters. The use of fresh air to roast coffee beans produces a “cleaner” (fewer tars), and more even roast on the bean. This design allows for the full development of the coffee’s flavor. Each roast is calibrated to the exact degree of perfection, and each coffee is roasted and blended to enhance its characteristics.

When purchasing your coffee beans from Hailey Coffee Company, you won’t find them stored on a shelf or in bins. We freeze all of our roasted coffee. Freezing our coffee sets us apart from other roasting companies. We place all of our beans in a freezer shortly after roasting so the staling process does not begin before the customer purchases the coffee. The staling process occurs at room temperature regardless of how the coffee is packaged. The packaging alone cannot preserve the freshness. We recommend to our customers that freezing their whole beans or fresh ground coffee is the best method to preserve its freshness.